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How LocalShare Values Profiles and Badges Work

At LocalShare we have created (and are still creating) a versatile system that can tell you at a glance if a product or service meets your needs and aligns with your values at the same time.

We'll be the first to admit that this takes a certain amount of sophistication and together with your help, we're learning how to begin speaking this new language as communities.

Here's an example:

What will I make for dinner tonight? I already know some healthy ways to feed my family - show me a new one.

And here's a real world answer to that question:

Let's say you live in Boulder, Colorado where LocalShare is rapidly growing. The first thing we would ask is, do you know why locally grown, organic food is one of the healthiest choices for you and your family?

And let's use MM Local as an example of a holistic answer to the question about dinner. So, if you go to the MM Local page on LocalShare and click on the "Values Profile" tab, you'll see these badges:


Locally Owned & Independent Badge Non Certified Organic Badge Vegan Badge Pesticide Free Badge Reduced Waste Badge Reuse Badge GMO Free Badge


In their values profile you learn that the food you're buying from MM Local is coming from a locally owned and independent business, that it's free of poisons and pesticides (no you can't assume that about all the food you buy - crazy, right?), that the food is free of genetically modified organisms (click here to see what GMOs do to local economies), and that this business has some awesome environmentally friendly practices that are worth knowing about and replicating.

At a glance, you begin to quickly see the larger picture around how this food is produced, how healthy it is for you, the local economy, and that a global perspective is at work here too. You may not have time right now to learn about how and why all these values might matter for you and your family, but as you continue to use LocalShare, you learn as you go. And you become part of the process and the conversation about what matters.

So keep your eyes out for LocalShare values badges and the stories they tell. We promise you'll like what you find.

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